mission statement

"Our mission is to serve our growing and changing community with quality organic and whole foods.  We strive to deliver excellent service, value and education to our members, patrons and community.  We believe that a cooperative enterprise can develop community advancement that is not possible through individual effort."

our vision

Natural Abundance Food Co-op is a member-owned store.
Everyone is welcome to shop here.  

We strive to carry the highest quality products with regard to the environment and to be cost-effective in that endeavor.

We take great pride in our customer service that is second to none.
We are here to help our patrons and educate them as best we can.  
We believe that a cooperative enterprise can give back to the community more than what is possible through individual effort alone.

At Natural Abundance, fresh delicious food is just the beginning.  
Discover local foods, connect with others and help build a strong community.
It all comes together at the co-op.