chill with these healthy alternatives

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Step into our Frozen & Refrigerated aisle for organic and alternative renditions of the staples of a healthy diet!

Organic dairy products like butter, milk, ice cream and cheeses are offered alongside dairy-free and soy-free alternatives.

Local free-range and organic eggs are available weekly from local farmers, they go fast!

Organic, wild caught seafoods and grass fed ground meats like beef, bison are other consumer favorites along with hormone-free and antibiotic-free bacons, sausage links, sausage patties, hot dogs and more made from turkey, chicken, beef and pork.

We also have a large range of frozen vegan/vegetarian ready-to-eat meals for those busy on-the-go health conscious folks! Frozen gluten free and whole grain breads are another top-seller.

Among our refrigerated galore you can find many healthy alternatives to sodas, energy drinks, iced teas and more.